Thursday, October 07, 2010

Popular Mechanics had a great review of the Job Max system here
I did work on cleaning up overmold colorways, vent patterns and boot designs.
Also did a lot of work on how the heads engage with the tool base.

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The Tek4 line in general was cool to work on. This camera though was a bear. We had to come up with a construction method that was tough and waterproof,a UI that was intuitive, while ensuring that the product made sense for the worksite. This meant stripping out complication from existing UIs while creating functionlity like a time-lapse feature that allows the user to set the camera going and then document a build. It also has the capability of attaching a memo audio recording to an image.

The large battery compartment provides a good grip area. The product has a distinct old-school feel to it. Its built like a power-tool after all.
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Oddly enough- this small flashlight has been one of my favorite projects. We were able to convince the team to go with quality metal components and castings. Also it is really packed pretty tight. When you pick it up it feels heavier than it looks-and all of it is functional.
The engineer on this project gave us a nice little surprise. Usually there is a thin reflector that is faced with a sheet of glass or plastic at the front. The glass and the reflector were consolidated into one acrylic component, making for a super tough bezel. The best part is the light itself which provides a clean beam for quite a long distance. All parts are sealed with o-rings-brings a smile to my face..
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