Friday, December 08, 2006

These are screen grabs from Solidworks and a render from Photoworks. I like to work top-down, so this is all one part file with multiple bodies. The file size ballooned from 4.5 MB on the first day that I posted here with rough surfaces. By the end of the week the file was up to 298 MB (yikes!) Posted by Picasa


Glenn said...

Any chance you could pack the solidworks file so we could get a looksee of your genius at work. I realize its 300mb but was wondering if there is any chance we could see it.

Thomas Parel said...

Hmm- email me your mailing address. I will see if I can mail a CD to you. Warning- It is large because of a lot of slash and burn sloppy modelling :)
I will see if I can reduce the file size any.

Joseph Mathew said...

doesnt look very aerodynamic
you should look at how they made the ariel atom
and watch jeremy clarkson drive it (the older 1)

LinSD said...

Your modeling and the Photoworks rendering was great!

I was follow a link from Rob Rodriguez 's website and see your wonderful creation.

If possible could you mail a copy to me?

There's some ways to reduce the file size like suppress all the features and pack by Winrar.

George said...

holy crap