Sunday, February 04, 2007

Solidworks World! I got in yesterday, late at night. Today, there are a bunch of research events for Solidworks. Essentially a way that Solidworks gets free feedback from its users. I will be heading out in a little bit. The first sessions start at 10:00. I will be attending 3 sessions today.
"Photoworks and Animator", "Advanced Surfacing" and "What is frustrating about your job"
Yesterday I met some German engineers on the way to New Orleans. It is really interesting the widely disparate users that use any CAD program. Here I am- all I do is organic modeling- stuff that fits your hand. On the other hand there are users who do just pipes all day. Humungous assemblies made from an enormous number of really simple parts as opposed to simple assemblies with really intricate surfaces.

I will post more as the day progresses.

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