Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is a little experiment in Silo and Solidworks via t-splines

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m said...

um... what is silo?

Thomas Parel said...

Silo is a sub division modeler used in the game and CG industry.

chua said...

I am a mechanical enginner (undergraduate) and I've been using solidworks and proE for quite sometime.

And recently, I have shifted to silo, maya and max for modelling.
It's fun doing models in those animation softwares.

Thanks for your guidance in the forum.
You are the man! @,@

Thomas Parel said...

You are welcome chua- sorry about the delay- been really busy.

Thats really interesting that you would be interested in Silo and Maya especially coming from a Mech Eng background. I guess that you are a part of the generation of new engineers.

manish said...

hi thomas
ur designs in solidworks is really enthusiastic
i am a mechanical engineer working on solidworks and Pro-e and catia for the last two years .i very much impressed with the modelling and rendering capabilties of the softwares like max, maya, alias.what i want to know from you is there any scope for me to have a career in these softwares.
plz guide me
my mail ID is

Kevin De Smet said...

Gee - what a blast from the past, I hope you still read these old posts ;)

I love SolidWorks and I'm wondering whether that model was modeled in Silo and imported over (if so what format?) or whether there is a t-spline add-in for SolidWorks directly?