Thursday, May 01, 2008

This is a work in progress tutorial going through an ID project from sketch to CAD and perhaps an RP model.

June 20: Here is a quick update. Been having a hard time uploading files.

More on the way


savagex said...

Are you using an intuos tablet or tablet PC? Thanks for the tutorials

Thomas Parel said...

Intuos tablet- hence all the spinning in Corel Painter

Anonymous said...

not a noob, video is a bit blurred.

but what program r u using?


Anonymous said...

oops! i mean for the modeling

Thomas Parel said...

Rhino 3D v4.0

dfrolka said...

i dont mean to waste your time,

im a developing mechanical designer, and have been sidetracked for years becoming a mold maker/patternmaker. trying to get back into designing, and was blown away by what you did with rhino. i messed with it years ago, thought it sucked, then stuck to solidworks. Spent 10 years with solidworks and am now realizing its limitations - now im teaching myself rhino (been using cad since a child).

to the point, i noticed rhino itself is not parametric, what packages do you have running inside rhino? yur first video of the lacrosse shows you adjusting the curves, then the surfaces responding - mine doesnt :)

the lacrosse design looks good, btw. wouldnt change a thing! honestly! thnx for the inspiration!!

Thomas Parel said...

Well Rhino 4.0 has history to some of its commands like the loft and network surface among others. Definitely the capablilites of Rhino affect the forms produced.

I still use Solidworks extensively for the most part. Rhino is a good tool and has a lot more workflows possible- but in my experience is not as fast. However you have a lot more control on the curves and the quality of the surfaces which is a definite advantage.

Thanks for your comments dfrolka- Its good to get feedback good or bad.

Anonymous said...

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