Monday, October 20, 2008

Awesome example of a scan from David Scan

First scan with an old SLA model. I was surprised that it even scanned considering that the program was a free 2MB download. . Pretty freakin awesome.Used a Leica red laser level, and a Microsoft webcam. Background was mounted on foam core, and I will definitely have to mess with the capture and camera settings.

(Repost because the image was not showing up for some reason)
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OcellNuri said...

I'm interested to see your progress with this. It could be a fun system to get set up in the student labs at school. I think it could be useful for documenting small hand-carved/built models digitally.

Thomas Parel said...

I agree- this is a great solution for students and colleges. You can now scan in your rough yellow foam models into CAD with very cheap equipment.

Thomas Parel said...

I will keep posting on our experience with David Scan.