Tuesday, November 25, 2008

69030 CFA Combo Kit Compressor

A lot of thought went into how the the hose reel was integrated into the toolbox, as well as how to push blow molding. This was such a fast paced program- drove everyone to the limit.

The bent-tube frame went through minimal changes through development, but the blow-mold vendor was new so we had to do quite a few iterations of the toolbox. Render from Photoworks.

Maxwell Render to give an idea of scale. You can really tell the difference between a Maxwell render and one from Photoworks. The guy in the picture is my good friend Ben Thomas. Maxwell is awesome, but you really need a strong PC.
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al dean said...

These renders are pretty sweet - but like you said, maxwell seems to be a workstation killer... have you given hypershot a go?

Thomas Parel said...

Thanks Al,

I have not given Hypershot a real effort beyond a cursory look at the demo. It seems to do shiny metals well, but I was not as impressed with the plastics.

I purchased Maxwell when it was still in beta and got an additional seat and half off the current price. So price definitely was a factor for me (4 seats for the $1000 I believe). At the time I was not terribly impressed with the render quality of Hypershot. Photograph like renders were more important to me. Speed was not the concern that I think that it should have been.

Also I didn't like the fact that the size of the image determines the price of the Hypershot. At least that is not the situation with Maxwell.

I am keeping a tab on Hypershot though. The ID gallery has some impressive work, and the word of mouth from users I know has all been positive, emphatically so.

Software like Opticore, Hypershot and Photoview 360 really do make documentation much easier, with better documentation of CAD iteration than screen grabs.

OcellNuri said...

With Photoview 360 making its way into Solidworks, I don't expect you'll need to look at Hypershot, since the Luxology renderer seems to rivals Hypershot's final results and speed.

I'm using Hypershot and love it, but mostly because I don't have Solidworks 09 (no education version yet I don't think) so I don't have the Photoview 360 beta. I agree that Hypershot lacks many good default plastic materials, but creating new materials is pretty easy. I just hope they add some sub-surface scattering soon for things like silicone.

I really love how this product turned out. It's so cool to see the model behind it. It's a great concept and I expect it'll see very strong sales.

Anonymous said...

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