Thursday, December 11, 2008

The techniques of Mikael Lugnegård from Mikael Lugnegård on Vimeo.

Mikael Lugnegård posted a great sketching demo on vimeo. It is good to see how he achieves his great line quality.


rzs said...

This is an awesome movie you've put together!!! I'm only starting out sketching cars myself and I find your tutorial very inspiring. Hope to see and learn more :-)

Thomas Parel said...

Thats not me. Its mike from

Fredrick Maroon said...

I like a good drawing as much as the next designer, but I just can't capture the line-quality bliss that this guy gets.

It amazing to see, and it definitely makes me want to detail out my cheap-o drawings.

P.S. Have fun in China!

dmk said...

Inspirational video. Thanks for sharing.