Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have been using a program called 3d-coat the last few days. 3d-coat started off as a texturing tool but has now added volumetric sculpting. This is really cool because it means that you can carve your sculpt with no regard to a base mesh as in other apps like Zbrush and Silo. Carving holes are much easier. It is literally like 3D photoshop. (The image above though is a paintover in PS)

The goggle images below are screenshots from the program. This is definitely not a CAD tool, though I suppose that you could retopologize the high polygon meshes to send it through t-splines. However the ease of changing the crease direction and the ease with which you can sculpt can definitely spark new thought. The interface leaves a lot to be desired. It is definitely the product of a computer programmer. On the other hand Andrew, the lone programmer of this program is an extremely responsive developer. The program might not be pretty but it incorporates a lot of
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