Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last Saturday Ben Thomas and I had a great time at Auburn University. It was a long session, as we tried to pack in as much information as we could on sketching and rendering. Hopefully students found the session helpful. A good chunk of the time was spent on a student project. We brainstormed on possible functionality, sketched in a lot of rough concepts and rendered one of the rough sketches to a finished form. Ben demonstrated his Painter techniques in rendering a nailer. He has a great way of explaining as he works. I tend to clam up and keep quiet. Between the two of us hopefully there was enough communication.
We were also encouraged to see the improvement in student work from last year. Here is a pdf of some of the rough development sketches that we worked on.

Thanks again to Shea Tillman and Louisa Stowers from the IDSA, who organized everything at Auburn, and a shoutout to Alerick from the core77 boards :).
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