Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photoshop composites
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Fredrick Maroon said...

Hey Parel,

I find that maintaining a working skillset on multiple CAD systems to be very cumbersome, (studio, solidworks, proe) and along with daily drawing exercises makes for days when I want to ram my head into something sharp and metallic.

Whats your take on CAD specialization? I seem to lean towards Solidworks, but of course alias creates those sexy,sexy curvature conditions.

Thomas Parel said...

Sorry Fred- I used to be able to post over lunch or first thing in the morning when I sat down at my desk. Unfortunately my own blog has been fire-walled at work DOH! Hence the late reply.

As far as CAD specialization, my own theory is- Know what your dream employer uses. I know what you mean about Alias curves- I miss the surgical feeling that you get working in Alias- But Solidworks and ProE have that cutting through butter and solid feel that you dont get in surface modelers.

I get the Alias itch from time to time and I will jump on a demo to try it out. I have a seat of Rhino that I use from time to time.

I am a bit of a program nerd- partially because Solidworks does not do what I want it to do and I am constantly looking for a better way that it could be done and post on it. That and I want to learn how to generate CG images.

I think that the frustrating thing to me is that I am not an Alias power user, so I cant really say what I am missing.

regardless- One solid modeler, One surface modeler, One high end renderer, one 2D CAD program (Illustrator counts here I think).

What do you think Fred? And again- I would like to mention how much I enjoy your company on this blog. Thanks for hanging around

Joseph Mathew said...

thunderbirds are go