Saturday, October 03, 2009

A while back Citroen ran a competition where they uploaded CAD files of production vehicles and concepts for people to reconfigure and re-arrange. I started assembling some of these components together back into something pretty informative that gives you a nice feel for Class A surfaces and how they are put together. It would be interesting to hear some of the reasoning for these patch layouts, but you can learn a lot simply by untrimming some of these surfaces. Files here
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proe-warsztat said...

I tried to open this 3dm file in Pro/E, without success though. Anyone has idea why?

Yves said...

I would like to have more information about this competition (even if it's finished) and perhaps, could you give me a link to the citroen Website where the CAD files are uploaded?
I would like to try to do something with SolidWorks!

thx for all...I open your file into SolidWorks...surfaces are really cool