Monday, February 01, 2010

Little known fact: Domesticated cats are better hunters than feral cats
They have a food source at home ,so you would expect that they would be fat and lazy. Turns out they hunt for the fun of it, while their hungry feral friends dont catch as many mice because they are... desperate and hungry. I find that this applies to companies too. The ones that are making a killing in the market still love the products that they create. Telltale signs for me are when the product development process revolves around cost factors and market analysis. These feral companies no longer enjoy the hunt.

Google for instance couldnt care less about operating systems, yet is in the process of developing Chrome as a competitor to Windows. They make their money in search and advertising , but in the process of improving search, are undercutting GPS, voice recognition, word processing, medical record keeping and multiple other industries in the process. These guys dont connect the dots, they throw a crap load of dots out into the world and find a line or ten that connect. Shoot then aim. Aim then shoot. Both happening concurrently.
They wouldnt be doing this if they were desperate

So if you are in a position of desperation- maybe your cat might be able to give you a tip or two ;)
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Fredrick Maroon said...

Very insightful... Proves the power of focus. Its probably hard to hunt if you're starving and you have to keep one eye looking out for other predators.

When you have your eyes on the horizon, its much easier to get where you want to be.