Wednesday, December 07, 2011

This workshop deals with how to work fast in a digital environment and create a sense of flow while using Photoshop and Solidworks. The main ideas here are to minimize unnecessary cursor movement and maximize muscle memory. Thanks to IDSA Kansas City Chapter as well as Wacom, Hallmark and Garmin for sponsoring this event. The above video has about 30minutes of theory at the beginning with more sketches through the last half. for more information

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Markus Kaiser said...

awesome sketches and renderings ! keep them coming !

Thomas Parel said...

Thanks Markus- nice sketches on your blog too :)

dchtang said...

Thanks for doing this tutorial it was very insightful to learn the way a designer at expert level works!

mbiasotti said...

Hey Thomas,

Thanks for your "what does a productive day feel like video" great stuff!! thanks for taking the time to get inside your head - you're awesome!!!

Mark Biasotti
Product Manager - Definition
DS SolidWorks

Thomas Parel said...

dchtang- Great work on your blog! Thanks for visiting :)

Thomas Parel said...

Mark the Man- That means a lot coming from you. Your tutorials from your time at IDEO and beyond definitely put me on the road to a solid career. Thanks :)