Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Solidworks Overmold Technique:
Today I will share a really cool method for designing overmold. I had been using a pretty intense method of offseting surfaces in and out and knitting them together with a bridging surface (most likely a trimmed surface extrude) This method is a little more stable because it relies on more Solid features, which tend to have less problems with relationships.

So this is your generic main body

Extrude the profile of your overmold without merging the feature

Offset the orange surfaces out by 0.5mm (It is hard to see it here)
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Anonymous said...

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for the interesting post. But it appears that your post on Overlay modeling is incomplete.

Could I please request you to email me the complete tutorial or atleast send me a link where I can read the entire post?

Thanks a lot

Thomas Parel said...

Just click older posts to see the rest of the tutorial.