Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tek4 tools have been hitting Home Depot stores. It was a very eye-opening set of challenges. I am interested in seeing how consumers will react to the products. We went for a more machined, high metal design. It is good to have a development team that trusts the ID team.

PS- Highly recommend the flashlight which is solid and bright as heck.
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Joseph Mathew said...
check out this design for the uk three pin plug

Fredrick Maroon said...

Hey Parel,

Will you be attending the AWFS fair in Vegas?


Thomas Parel said...

Yeah- that plug is really pretty nice. Pretty simple. I wonder why current plugs are so bulky.

Fred: No I wont be there at AWFS, but I am sure some folks from my company will. Will you? Are you still in Phoenix?

alexworthy said...

I've been waiting to see what made it through! Great work.

Jeff Mowry said...

Great work, Thomas. I was just in a Home Depot making a much less glorious purchase (new toilet!) when I saw the new Ryobi line on display. My wife waited patiently while I checked out the new stuff. (She's more and more patient when I examine stuff I or a friend has designed.)

Great update to Ryobi's offerings. I was quite close to purchasing the light, by the way.

Fredrick Maroon said...

I'll be at the AWFS fair checking out the goods.

On a different note, sorry about the linked-in spam.. I imported my contact list from google and I guess Linked-in goes hog wild and invites EVERYBODY!

I'm so embarrassed.

Jon Rayeski said...

Saw this on Alex Marshall's bog. Very cool stuff way to go team.