Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Updated Maxwell render that shows the bowl a little clearer. The idea here was to freeze a splash in time. I actually ran some cloth simulations to get some iterations, but decided to manually sculpt the surfaces. It might be cool to run a few sims and then sell the SLAs/resin casts. If anyone would like to donate a Z-corp print I would love to print this sucker out :)

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Gamal said...

Hi Thomas,

Actually, I can have one printed for you on our Objet machine. Our operations folk keep telling me to "keep that thing running!". I'm not in prime modeling season just yet, so it's a bit slow going at the moment. Send me the STLs and we'll figure out how to get 'er done. We have some FullCure 720 that we need to get rid of anyway.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Also check out the Royal VKB fruitbowl.

FCSuper said...

That is cool. Nice work!!!