Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sketch workflow using Solidworks 2007:
Whats the point you ask. Why dont you just finish it up in CAD? Why take a screen grab and jump to another program? Well- for one detail geometry in a model takes exponentially longer to create. Overlay sketches get the ideas across quick and easy

Also , there is a psychological reason for doing so. You cannot imagine how quickly a CAD model can stifle discussion. As soon as you put some sketch lines onto a screen grab, you give your team tacit hints that you are looking for input. Conversely the closer to a photo your render looks, the more likely that you can convince a development team of a direction you feel strongly about.
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This side view view is an overlay (blue and grey screen) done in Corel Painter, over simple geometry (white surfaces) in Solidworks 2007.
The screen can then be applied as a decal to the Solidworks model and tumbled around.


aO said...

whats up parel, a big fan of your work on the pdf forums...

hey could you exlain a lil' further about your work flow? is the sketching function it native to sw 07?


Thomas Parel said...

No it is not native to Solidworks, they just make it easy to export good looking screen shots off the bat.

Glenn said...

first off, I'm a huge fan. One of my classmates did an internship at CCI, Danny Lentz. You might have met him. Anyway, did you just use the screen capture to get the images out and how do you get the materials to appear shiny with just a screen shot?

Thomas Parel said...

Actually the materials lok lie that in the screenshots. I applied a sketchy decal. The screen loks like the second jpg

Sorry if this is late. I am not sure how to track comments on blogger

nathan mills said...

would be nice is solidworks did move in this direction like that of Catia and Alias with a sketching feature. i see this a lot in my own work even when getting feedback from friends - if its to clean it can work against you. more work but the results can be a lot better.